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About Paleo Inc

Paleo, Inc. is the brain-child of the founder, Heath Squier, and was started out of his necessity to consume all things Paleo. As a young boy, Heath always felt tired and suffered from a constant case of bursitis (inflammation) in his knees, not to mention, horrible allergies, especially to milk products. After being raised by a nutritionist, Barbara Squier (Founder of the Julian Bakery), he assumed that his diet was as healthy as one could be. Unfortunately, he still felt miserable most of the time and never knew why.

Finally in January 2011, Heath found himself 220 pounds and always lacking energy, especially after eating sugar, breads and lactose products, he decided to do something about it. He started off by reducing his bread intake to one sandwich a day, avoiding all cheese and removing all sugars. Heath worked out constantly implementing an intense, popular circuit training program and cardio workout. After trying this until October 2011, Heath felt a little improvement, but was still heavy and suffered from allergies.

While researching frantically online to find the answer, he stumbled upon Dr. Loren Cordain’s diet named “The Paleo Diet”. He studied night and day and discovered that if he removed certain things from his diet, he would most likely lose weight, alleviate his allergies, and start to feel energetic once again.

So his journey began. Heath removed all refined sugars, bread, gluten, lactose, grains, and started working out consistently. When he started the Paleo lifestyle, he weighed 220 pounds and was at 14% body fat. Within two months after religiously following the plan, he dropped to 185 pounds and reduced his body fat to 7%. He felt great! Heath finally had energy and did not continue to suffer from allergic reactions after eating.

While working at his family bakery, he was able to learn what was necessary to formulate a low carb, gluten-free, grain-free bread that complimented his Paleo Lifestyle. Enter, Paleo Bread™. He went to work on creating the perfect recipe for this industry changing bread. On June 29, 2012, Paleo Bread™ was introduced to the public.

In August 2012, he founded Paleo, Inc.™, a catalyst  to release other products to market. Meanwhile, Heath was researching and developing other Paleo products to offer to the Paleo community, such as Paleo Wraps™, Paleo Waffles™, Paleo Chocolate™, Paleo Noodles™, and Paleo Macaroons™.

Fast forward to November 2012, Heath desired to test his Paleo Plan on someone other than himself. He wanted to help change someone else’s life and so he spoke with his friend, Nathan, in which they discussed creating a persona, PaleoNate. Heath would provide the knowledge, products and support, and Nathan would provide the complete lifestyle alteration. You can see his journey at http://www.paleonate.com for more information.

PaleoInc.com officially launched in March 2013 after several months in development. Our sole mission is to develop, manufacture, and sell all things Paleo to the masses. We want to educate and spread the news of this life-altering movement. Paleo, Inc.™ intends on being the one-stop solution to your Paleo needs and is dedicated to making the Paleo Lifestyle as easy as possible for you to follow.

We have created two small Paleo stores within the Julian Bakeries, one in La Jolla, CA and the other in Oceanside, CA. This is just the beginning. Our goal is to have a nationwide chain of Paleo Stores offering anything and everything Paleo.

So there you have it. The complete history of Paleo, Inc.™. Stay tuned, because this is only the beginning!


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